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interview with

jimi king

Mr. Jimi King, the world-renown, African artist and fashion designer is inevitably on the cusp of celebrating thirty years of artistry, education and philanthropy, via the Jimi King brand. Born Olujimi King, Jimi is the descendant of artists that have preserved their heritage and continued a legacy for more than three generations. With roots in both Sierra Leone and Nigeria, this uniquely talented steward of the craft, innately enveloped the spirit of African art into entrepreneurship. His family has engrained in him, genetically and kinetically, the passion for creativity, as both his maternal grandparents were seamstresses and bespoke tailors in their country, and his paternal grandparents took fashion to the next level, by becoming textile artists and designers in the renounced Itoku market in Abeokuta.


For a number of years, Jimi perfected his design style. After obtaining his certificate in Textile Art and Design from Chelsea School of Art London, to buttress his talents, Jimi commenced his fashion and fabric design business with a famed fashion showcase entitled, “Indigo Blue” in 1986. This show was endearing, as it was his desire to celebrate and uplift African ancestry and the genius of its creativity. Several fashion shows and workshops have since followed, and 2020 will be no exception. It's been three decades since the inception of his artistry and today, the energy of his creativity is more renewed, now than ever before. Jimi King is preparing to launch his multi-city, Afro-Heritage Fashion Conference and Exhibition tour, this summer. With this event series, he will commemorate his years of work with indigo dyes, introduce his new line of organic skincare, and celebrate the imprint of his boutiques in West Hollywood, California, Atlanta, Georgia and Lagos, Nigeria.

Jimi is actively working to elevate his educational influence and community outreach and continues to travel the globe, supporting various volunteer initiatives.